“To coupon or not to coupon.” That is the question many retailers face in today’s competitive marketplace. Although coupons are a significant part of many consumers’ shopping patterns, they can create issues for small business owners. Coupons simply reduce the total value of a purchase, but rarely reduce the cost of your product or service. In the end, it’s a direct hit to your bottom line profitability.  And that’s why we created My Plan It Traveler Rewards - a “Gift with Purchase” media solution that is affordable for any size business and helps increase sales without discounting your product or cutting deep into your profits.

We know high-quality freebies are a fantastic way to increase sales and loyalty. 

The gift with purchase offer is one of the oldest promotions going, probably even older than the Cracker Jack prize in the box promotions, which began in the early 1900s. What’s more, the concept still works.  In fact, 90% of consumers say a free gift increases loyalty and motivates them to purchase more often. But for merchants, high-quality freebees can be expensive, and coupons cut into profits.

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